Intercomunal prayer

Clearly, one of the most fundamental ways we can work towards Our eventual unity is to pray for and with one another. All Christians are called to do this to some extent. As Catholics and Anglicans, I think that one of the most beautiful opportunities we have of doing this is to share in one another’s liturgy. The liturgy is a framework on which all our other prayer is grounded. It is a gift which not all of our Christian brothers and sisters have And for which we should be truly thankful.
Attending a liturgy which is not your own can be a profoundly moving experience. One day in the next couple of weeks I would like to challenge you to attend either daily mass or evensong in the tradition which is not your own. While you are there reflect on the similarities and differences between the two liturgies. I would love for you to comment on this post with your experiences.


Remembering Pope Benedict the 16th and prayers for Pope Francis to continue his mission in the Anglican church

My dear readers, I am sure that all of you realize that yesterday was the installation mass for the new holy father of the Catholic Church. This is a joyous occasion and all of us should praise God that it was able to happen so quickly.
As I think about how grateful I am for Pope Francis and the institution of the papacy in general, I am filled with loving remembrance for our previous holy father who has done so much Good in pursuit of the final unification of the Catholic and Anglican churches. There are no words that I can say to express How much good His establishment Of an Anglican ordinariate Has done for the church and for many grateful souls. The attached link is a wonderful review of some of the accomplishments both of our Lord and of our previous holy father. We must all remember to pray for the Growth of ordinariates. We must also Pray for Pope Francis, Who still has much work to do On behalf of the Church of England.

My story

Before we begin examining In depth The issues involved with evangelizing England, I will tell you a bit about myself. I’m a Catholic convert who will enter into the church this Easter vigil. Last year, on February 23, was the day that I knew without a doubt that I was ment to be a Catholic. I had someone in my life who I believed to be a very good Catholic. This person modeled their faith for me And inspired me to begin RCIA the following year. However, five months later, I found out that this person was actually Anglican. Although this person was and still is for me a model of Christian virtue, The news was devastating. The thing that was more devastating though was the fact that all of my Catholic friends didn’t seem to think it was a problem. All of them except for one told me that the Anglicans were really close to the Catholic Church and it didn’t seem to matter to them that my friends and all of the other members of the Anglican church are not receiving the same Eucharist that we do. It was as a result of their comments that I realized that I had a calling to work towards unity between the Anglican and Catholic churches.


Welcome to this blog, the purpose of which is to discuss issues relating to the unification of the Catholic and Anglican churches. My Name is Kristi Kneedler,,and I hope you will join me in prayer and conversation for the sake of this wonderful mission. Although I am not an expert in theology, I sincerely wish to serve our God in the quest for unity and I prey that you will be inspired to do the same. I have Place this blog under the holy intercession of St. John Fisher and St. Catherine of Alexandria, Who is one of the most powerful evangelists the church Has ever had.