Bl. William Freeman

Hello wonderful readers,
Forever and a day ago, I promised you that we were going to talk about the inspiring lives of the English Martyrs. Today, we are going to begin to do that by talking about Bl. William Freeman, whose feast day was yesterday.
Bl. William lived from 1558 until 1589. Growing up, he was a devout Anglican. In 1586, he witnessed the Martyrdom of another English Catholic and was never the same again. He left for France, where he became a priest. After this, he returned to England, where he lived devoutly until the day of his own martyrdom in 1589.
Bl. William Freeman is so inspiring to me because of his ability to hear and receive the truth of the Catholic faith. I think he is also a great example for Anglicans who are thinking of coming into the church. Sometimes, Anglicans are afraid that they are being disloyal to England if they become Catholic. Bl. William remained loyal to England, but he recognized that loyalty to God must come first. I think that all of us can learn a lot from this martyr’s struggles with loyalty.


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