Remembering the English martyrs

Hello again my wonderful readers,
I am sorry that it has been a long time since I have written to you. My free time over the past month has been rather scarce. However, I will make it up to you and I prey that our time of praying and thinking together about how best to unify ourselves with our Anglican brothers and sisters will be fruitful And pleasing to our lord.
Today is the feast day of some of the martyrs who died in Mexico over 100 years ago. As I think about their lives today and pray to our Lady of Guadalupe that religious freedom might flourish in Mexico, I am reminded of the English martyrs who lay down their lives for the unity of the church during the English Reformation. Sometimes it is easy to feel as if our work towards unification with the Anglican church is not necessary because of their closeness in doctrine to our own church. However, when we study the lives of men, like St. Thomas Moore and St. John Fisher, who died so that the two churches might not have split, we realized that this is indeed not the case. It is important that we remember their contribution and that we ask them to pray and intercede for us on this our prayerful journey of evangelization. For the next few posts, I will reflect on the lives of some of the most important ones.