On the importance of the green scapular

Although there are obviously many great things that we can do To work towards the eventual reception of all Anglicans into full unity with the Catholic Church, The greatest and most valuable thing that we can ever do for our Anglican brothers and sisters is to pray for them to our God and to the immaculate heart of Mary. Today I wish to remind or educate you about a very fulfilling way that we can do this. I am talking about the green scapular which was given to us by our lady.
The green scapular is yet another way to express our love for the immaculate heart of Mary. It is associated with conversion. The prayer which is associated with it is immaculate heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death. You can either wear it for one of your Anglican friends or, if it seems to be prudent, put a green scapular into their belongings. Below is a link to the green scapular society which has more information about this wonderful devotion that I could possibly tell you in a blog post. I encourage all of you to buy green scapulars, to wear them and to join the green scapular society. May all of you remain forever devoted to our immaculate mother.



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