My story

Before we begin examining In depth The issues involved with evangelizing England, I will tell you a bit about myself. I’m a Catholic convert who will enter into the church this Easter vigil. Last year, on February 23, was the day that I knew without a doubt that I was ment to be a Catholic. I had someone in my life who I believed to be a very good Catholic. This person modeled their faith for me And inspired me to begin RCIA the following year. However, five months later, I found out that this person was actually Anglican. Although this person was and still is for me a model of Christian virtue, The news was devastating. The thing that was more devastating though was the fact that all of my Catholic friends didn’t seem to think it was a problem. All of them except for one told me that the Anglicans were really close to the Catholic Church and it didn’t seem to matter to them that my friends and all of the other members of the Anglican church are not receiving the same Eucharist that we do. It was as a result of their comments that I realized that I had a calling to work towards unity between the Anglican and Catholic churches.


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